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Shuttle bus timetable

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital's free shuttle bus is operating with a new bus and extended hours of service. The shuttle bus does not operate on Bank Holidays.

6.15 RNOH Bus Stops 13.30 Edgware Station
6.25 Edgware Station 13.45 Stanmore Station
6.35 Stanmore Station 14.00 RNOH Bus Stops
6.45 RNOH Bus Stops 14.10 Edgware Station
6.55 Edgware Station 14.25 Stanmore Station
7.05 Stanmore Station 14.40 RNOH DROP OFF
7.15 RNOH Bus Stops   CHANGE OVER
7.25 Edgware Station 15.00 RNOH Bus Stops
7.40 RNOH Bus Stops 15.10 Stanmore Station
7.50 Stanmore Station 15.30 RNOH Bus Stops
8.10 RNOH Bus Stops 15.40 Edgware Station
8.20 Edgware Station 16.00 Stanmore Station
8.40 RNOH Bus Stops 16.15 RNOH Bus Stops
8.50 Stanmore Station 16.25 Edgware Station
9.10 RNOH Bus Stops 16.45 RNOH Bus Stops
9.20 Edgware Station 16.55 Stanmore Station
9.35 Stanmore Station 17.15 RNOH Bus Stops
9.50 RNOH DROP OFF 17.25 Edgware Station
10.40 RNOH Bus Stops   BREAK UNTIL 18.30
10.50 Edgware Station 18.35 RNOH Bus Stops
11.05 Stanmore Station 18.45 Stanmore Station
11.20 RNOH Bus Stops 19.00 Edgware Station
11.30 Edgware Station 19.20 RNOH Bus Stops
11.45 Stanmore Station 19.30 Stanmore Station
12.00 RNOH Bus Stops 19.45 Edgware Station
12.10 Edgware Station 20.00 RNOH Bus Stops
12.25 Stanmore Station 20.10 Stanmore Station
12.40 RNOH Bus Stops 20.25 Edgware Station
12.50 Edgware Station 20.40 RNOH Bus Stops
13.05 Stanmore Station 20.50 Stanmore Station
13.20 RNOH Bus Stops 21.00 SHIFT ENDS
  • Timings are approximate. Please be at the bus stops in plenty of time.
  • RNOH bus stops are located at Orthotics, OPD and Main Gate.
  • Please note, the bus collection point at Edgware Station is: Bus stop A on the opposite side from the station outside the Edgware International Food Centre (next to Oxfam/Cash Converters)
  • If the bus does not arrive, please call 020 8954 2300 for an update.
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