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Joint reconstruction: Knee

This service deals with all problems associated with the knee in adults. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of problems arising from knee disorders deriving from sports injuries, accidents and all aspects of arthritis. RNOH is also leading in the development of knee cartilage transplantation (see Cartilage Transplantation) and plays an important role in terms of research in knee services.

Range of services
Diagnostic arthroscopic surgery
Treatment via surgical arthroscopy
Joint replacement - primary & revision
Ligament repair/reconstruction
Cartilage transplantation

Referrals are accepted from GPs and consultants.
Further information regarding our referral criteria.

Professor Tim Briggs
Mr Will Aston
Mr Jonathan Miles
Mr John Skinner
Mr Richard Carrington
Mr Rob Pollock
Professor Alister Hart
Mr James Donaldson
Mr Panagiotis Gikas

Key Contacts
NHS Secretary to Mr. Skinner - 020 8909 5621
Secretary to Professor Briggs - 020 8909 5573
Secretary to Mr Aresh Hashemi-Nejad - 020 8909 5802
Secretary to Mr Carrington - 020 8909 5618
Secretary to Mr Aston - 020 8909 5619
Secretary to Mr Miles - 020 8909 5549
Secretary to Mr Pollock - 020 8909 5677
Secretary to Professor Hart - 020 8909 5621
Secretary to Mr Donaldson - 020 8909 5562
Secretary to Mr Gikas - 020 8909 5573

See further information from the National Joint Registry on improving your experience of joint replacement.

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