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Joint reconstruction: Cartilage transplantation

The RNOH is the UK's leading centre in the technique of autologous knee cartilage transplantation. After the successful launch of this service in 1998 at the RNOH, the service has continued to establish itself and the Trust has now treated over 1500 patients who are all part of a clinical study. These patients received autologous transplantations of their knee cartilage as one of a range of treatments offered for knee injury in young patients.

Cartilage transplantation involves the removing of healthy cartilage cells from the patient's knee and growing them in culture, where they multiply at least 20 fold. The patient then has an operation to remove the damaged part of the cartilage and the cells are implanted in its place. The cells anchor themselves to the bone within 24 hours - "growing" new cartilage at the damaged site. A patient can expect to resume everyday use in three months and full activities including sports, in twelve months. This development is important as previously the only alternative was knee replacement which for young patients is unsatisfactory.

Professor Tim Briggs
Mr Rob Pollock
Mr John Skinner
Mr Richard Carrington
Mr Jonathan Miles
Professor George Bentley (Honorary Consultant)
Mr James Donaldson
Mr Panagiotis Gikas

Key Contacts
Secretary to Professor Briggs, 020 8909 5573
Secretary to Mr Pollock, 020 8909 5677
Secretary to Mr Skinner, 020 8909 5621
Secretary to Mr Carrington, 020 8909 5618
Secretary to Professor Bentley, 020 8909 5532
Secretary to Mr Donaldson - 020 8909 5562
Secretary to Mr Gikas - 020 8909 5573

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