The RNOH aims to be a world-leading orthopaedic hospital with the best patient care and staff experience in the NHS

Foot, Ankle & Lower Limb

The Foot and Ankle Reconstruction Unit at the RNOH is led by recognised consultants with international reputation, each with specialised expertise in the management of a wide range of foot and ankle problems including sports injuries, arthritis and deformity.

Patients benefit from a multidisciplinary approach with rheumatologists, sports doctors, on-site orthotists, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists and physicians assistants.

Our surgeons are invited to lecture internationally and have produced many articles and textbooks about foot and ankle surgery.

Range of Services

Foot and ankle surgery and reconstruction
Total ankle replacement
Forefoot surgery
Neuromuscular foot and ankle deformity e.g. Charcot-Marie-Tooth
Talar osteo chondral defects
Ankle arthroscopy
Tibialis posterior dysfunction


Referrals are accepted from GPs and consultants

Key Contacts

Administration team, 020 8909 5125

Consultants - Specialist Interests

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Mr Nicholas Cullen - Foot and ankle surgery and reconstruction, arthroscopy
Mr Andy Goldberg OBE - Ankle replacement, Cartilage Defects, Ankle Arthritis, Sport Injuries, Innovation, Clinical Trials.
Mr Dishan Singh - Neurological foot problems, flat foot, pes cavus (high arched foot) bunions, lesser toe deformities, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, tendon disorders.
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