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Chronic Pain Management

The RNOH provides comprehensive care for patients with chronic pain (CP) resulting from a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological problems.

Pain management services are provided by experienced specialists ensuring that patients benefit from an inter-disciplinary approach. This approach is fostered by multidisciplinary ward rounds, clinics and meetings as well as combined clinics between specialties within the RNOH.

A yearly annual report is published for the public to view on how patients are improving their lives with our service (Chronic Pain Centre report 2016/2017).

Key contacts

Please contact the unit on 0203 947 0043

  • Mrs Julia Sach, Chronic Pain Clinical Nurse Specialist 020 8909 5669 (Lead)
  • Mrs Faustina Aikins-Snyper, Chronic Pain Clinical Nurse Specialist, 020 8909 5669 (Deputy)
  • Mrs Michelle Carson, Chronic Pain & Neuromodulation Clinical Nurse Specialist 020 8909 5669


There are four chronic pain management consultants:

  • Dr R. Zarnegar, Anaesthesia and Pain Management (Clinical Director for Medicine and Rehabilitation Services)  
  • Dr D. Mihaylov, Anaesthesia and Pain Management (Clinical Lead for Chronic Pain Services)
  • Dr T. Fernandez, Anaesthesia, Acute and Chronic Pain Management (Neuromodulation Lead)
  • Dr R. Berman, Full Time Pain Management (Audit Lead)
Useful documents:Size
Chronic Pain Centre Annual Report 2014-2015945.16 KB
Chronic Pain Centre Annual Report 2015-20161.65 MB
Chronic Pain Centre Annual Report 2016-20171.4 MB
Chronic Pain referral acceptance criteria28.28 KB
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