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Children's Safeguarding Team

Children’s Safeguarding Executive Lead: 
Dr Zilla Huma

Paediatric Matron:
Clare Kehoe

Named Nurse:
Johanna Ulyett

Named Doctor:
Colin Michie

Social Worker:
Jeeva Govender

Safeguarding Co-ordinator:
Stephanie Batten-Matheson

Designated Nurse:
Sue Sheldon Harrow LSCB

Deputy Director of Nursing:
Julie-Anne Dowie

Attending paediatrician if ND unavailable

Cover for Social Worker:
Tony Thompson

Cover for Safeguarding Co-ordinator:
Santho Popat

Children's Safeguarding Team structure

Children's safe guarding teamChildren's safeguarding team (click image to open larger view).
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Children & Adolescents