Cellular and Molecular Pathology (Histopathology)

We are a specialist unit for musculoskeletal pathology including bone and soft tissue tumours, joint disease and metabolic bone disease.

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The London Sarcoma Service

We are core members of the London Sarcoma Service and deliver tissue diagnoses for all patients referred to the sarcoma service and other clinical services at the RNOH Trust

Learn more about how pathologists make diagnoses which direct the treatment that patients receive.

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Department of Cellular and Molecular Pathology (histopathology)
Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
Brockley Hill, Stanmore
Middlesex HA7 4LP, UK

Tel +44 (0) 20 8909 5354


Meet the team

Consultant staff

Prof. Adrienne Flanagan

Adrienne M Flanagan

Prof. Adrienne M Flanagan, MB, BCH, BAO, FRCPath, PhD, Clinical Lead, Consultant, LSS, NIHR Senior Investigator, Sarcoma GECIP Lead, OBE

Fernanda Amary

Fernanda Amary

Fernanda Amary, MB, Affiliated to the RCPath, PhD, Consultant

Roberto Tirabosco

Dr Roberto Tirabosco MB

Roberto Tirabosco, MB, Affiliated to the RCPath, Consultant

Daniel Lindsay

Mr Daniel Lyndsey

Daniel Lindsay, MB, FRCPath, Consultant

Nischalan Pillay

Dr Nischalan Pillay

Nischalan Pillay, MB, FRCPath, PhD, Honorary Consultant

Management Staff

Simon Burn


Simon Burn, Service Manager

Sharon Roche

Sharon Roche

Sharon Roche, Quality Manager

Medical Staff

Petra Balogh

Dr Petra Balogh

Petra Balogh, Clinical & Molecular Fellow

Laboratory Staff

Fitim Berisha

Mr Fitim Berisha BSc

Fitim Berisha, BSc, MSc, FIBMS, Senior BMS

Julie Cooke

Mrs Julie Cooke

Julie Cooke, BSc, MSc, MIBMS, Senior BMS, Training Officer

Dr Hongtao Ye

Dr Hongtao Ye

Dr Hongtao Ye, PhD Molecular Pathology

Thama Kugan

Mrs Thama Kugan BSc

Thama Kugan, BSc, MSc, AIBMS

Sel Sellaththamby

Mr Sel Sellaththamby BSc

Sel Sellaththamby, BSc, AIBMS

Pragita Chhetri


Pragita Chhetri, Advanced Practitioner

Christopher Thom

Mr Christopher Thom BSc

Christopher Thom, BMs, MRes, MSc, MLA

Sara Shubbar

Ms Sara Shubbar

Ms Sara Shubbar, Associate Practitioner

Aikaterini Kopsia


Aikaterini Kopsia, Associate Practitioner

Christopher Davies

Christopher Davies

Christopher Davies, Associate Practitioner

Research Staff

Dr Anna-Christine Strobl

Dr Anna-Christine Strobl

Dr Anna-Christine Strobl, PhD, Research Technician Molecular Pathology

Lily George

Ms Lily George

Lily George, Biobank Assistant

Ozlem Tas

Oslem Tas

Ozlem Tas, Biobank Assistant

Kate Davies

Kate Davies

Kate Davies, Biobank Assistant

Office Staff

Ms Alison Morgan

Ms Alison Morgan

Ms Alison Morgan, Histopathology Administrator

Mrs Dharitri Pota

Mrs Dharitri Pota

Mrs Dharitri Pota, Histopathology Administrator

Mr Basith Anvardeen

Mr Basith Anvardeen

Mr Basith Anvardeen, Histopathology Administrator

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