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The department runs a range of services alongside the anaesthetic management of complex orthopaedic procedures. It is a consultant led service with twenty seven consultants and eight specialist registrars. The British Society of Orthopaedic Anaesthetists was inaugurated at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in 1996.

The service provides peri-operative care for a wide range of procedures including spinal deformity and injury, paediatric orthopaedics, bone tumour surgery, brachial plexus and peripheral nerve surgery, and revision joint replacement surgery. Regional blockade and peripheral nerve blocks are commonly used and maintained postoperatively for analgesia.

Key contacts

Department Secretary:
Kirti Popat
Tel: 020 8909 5560
Fax: 020 8909 5635

Consultants - Specialist Interests


Dr Kate Adams - Paediatric anaesthesia, simulation co-ordinator
Dr Kofi Agyare - Resuscitation, Intensive Care, Scoliosis surgery
Dr John Barcroft - Regional Anaesthesia, Ultrasound, Safety.
Dr Jan Cernovsky - Paediatric Spinal Surgery Anaesthesia, Adult Spinal Surgery Anaesthesia, Oncology / Myeloma Pre - assessment and Anaesthesia EPLS instructor
Dr Mogera Chandra - Regional anaesthesia.
Dr Michael Cooper - Paediatric anaesthesia - anaesthesia for bone tumour surgery.
Dr Geraldine Edge - Paediatric anaesthesia - anaesthesia for spinal deformity surgery
Dr Rita Gad El-Rab - Acute pain management - president of the British Society of Orthopaedic Anaesthetists.
Dr Mary Fennelly - Anaesthesia for spinal deformity surgery - intensive care.
Dr Tacson Fernandez - Chronic Pain Medicine: Management of neuropathic pain states, Persistent post surgical neuropathic pain, Complex regional pain syndrome,...
Dr Paul Flynn - Pre-Assessment lead
Dr Malcolm Gunning - Intensive care - vascular access.
Dr Michael Hetreed - Acute pain management - regional anaesthesia.
Dr Jasmeet Kaur - Blood transfusion - spinal surgery.
Dr Ramprabu Krishnan - Paediatric anaesthesia - vascular access.
Dr John McGrath - Intensive care - vascular access.
Dr Dan Mihaylov - Pain arising from the spine (e.g. back pain, neck pain). Pain associated with spinal surgery. Neuropathic pain due to nerve injury. Pain arising from...
Dr Sean Nadaraja - Pre-Operative Assessment, Anaemia Lead
Dr Vijayaraghavan Ramesh - Clinical lead - paediatric anaesthesia - anaesthesia for radiology.
Dr Faisal Salim - Anaesthesia for spinal deformity surgery - intensive care - vascular access.
Dr Jyothi Sambhani - Pre-operative assessment.
Dr Alexander Sell - Intensive care.
Dr Ruby Sharma - College tutor - regional anaesthesia - anaesthesia for joint replacement surgery.
Dr Melanie Speakman - Paediatric Anaesthesia, Anaesthesia for Scoliosis Correction, and Sarcoma Surgery.
Dr Val Taylor - Anaesthesia for bone tumour/soft tissue sarcoma surgery - anaesthesia for joint replacement surgery.
Dr Roxaneh Zarnegar - Regional anaesthesia, Neuropathic pain, Rehabilitation for chronic pain related disability, Paediatric chronic pain and transition to adult care.
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