Published on: 17th July 2020

The Trust continues to operate a Virtual Visiting policy at present. As of 13th July 2020, the policy is as follows:

•       Telephone calls or ‘virtual visits’ by video call are encouraged. 

•       No physical visitors are allowed to any adult patients anywhere in the hospital

•       Only 1 parent / guardian may accompany a child inpatient. The parent / guardian and child must have a negative COVID19 test 72 hours before admission

•      A very restricted visiting policy for long stay patients on the Spinal Cord Injury Centre is in place

•     The Nurse in charge can make a local decision for a single visitor in exceptional circumstances (end of life care, cognitive impairment etc.)

  • No visitors under the age of 16 or over 70
  • No visitors who have underlying health conditions - (Severe breathing, cardiac or renal problems, diabetes, cancer or patients who are immunocompromised)