Published on: 23rd February 2021


face mask image.PNGAt the RNOH, our priority is the safety of our patients and staff. Recently, there has been confusion for some visitors around the wearing of face masks. Please take a look at this short video about out mask policy.


In order to clarify matters, the trust have adopted the following policies:

- If attending the site you need to wear a mask which covers your nose and mouth at all times

- if you can’t do this for any reason please let the door stewards know and they can supply a visor

- If neither is appropriate please make the scheduler who contacted you aware no less than 48 hours before you come to the hospital. This is so alternative arrangements can be made, such as online video consultation, if deemed appropriate.

-Our revised visiting policy allows patients under 18 or those who require an escort for health reasons to be accompanied by another person. This is a change but it is to keep staff and patients safe.

If you arrive at the hospital and refuse to wear a face covering or visor you will not be allowed on site.

We are doing this because many of the outbreaks of COVID19 are in settings such as Hospitals and care homes. One positive patient can mean we have to close whole departments, Not wearing a mask puts staff and patients at risk and can ultimately lead people dying Therefore, it is essential we take every precaution to prevent further outbreaks. By cooperating we can ensure you and our staff remain safe.