RNOH starring role in BBC series Keeping Britain Alive

The RNOH features in part four of the current BBC2 series, Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day. The episode follows former patient Steven Briggs through intensive rehabilitation from Dr Jan Gawronski and his specialist team at the RNOH’s Spinal Cord Injury Centre, one of only 11 in the UK designated to receive and treat spinal cord injured patients.

Despite being paralysed from the neck down, Steven is thankful for the expert care he received at the RNOH and for the continued support from his friends and family: “I was given incredible care and support from the nurses, the carers and my loved ones. Dr Gawronski and his team have helped me understand my condition, enabling me to regain a sense of independence.”

Rehabilitation Consultant Dr Jan Gawronski commented: “The medical team, including the carers and nurses, worked very hard to ensure that Steven, like many other patients, was ready to be discharged after a few months of intensive rehabilitation. The lifelong care that we will continue to offer Steven will be crucial to ensuring that he can live the best possible quality of life as possible.”

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