RNOH research day: innovation in orthopaedics

Prof David Isenberg, UCL and Prof Anthony Goldstone, RNOH Trust Chair

On Thursday 3rd April RNOH staff and guests from partner institutions and supporting organisations attended the first RNOH research day. Attendees were given an inside view into some of the latest research and innovations currently underway in the field of orthopaedics.

Among the areas covered by the event was an update on ITAP (intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthesis). Unlike conventional prosthesis attached externally to limbs (which often cause problems for patients) ITAP is implanted inside the amputated limb and allows attachment of prosthesis in a way which allows improved comfort and control.

Other innovations explored on the day included testing of bone quality using non-destructive Raman spectroscopy as well as the latest news on improving nerve-electrode integration for neuroprosthetic treatment of neurogenic bladder in spinal cord injury. These and many other areas of research keep RNOH at the forefront of clinical and academic innovation in orthopaedics and are aimed at improving the lives of patients, ensuring that they receive the best possible outcomes.

Top right: Prof David Isenberg, UCLH and Prof Anthony Goldstone, RNOH Trust Chair

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