RNOH in partnership for disability and technology research

Aspire, UCL and the RNOH have entered into a partnership to create three Aspire Lecturer/Senior Lecturer posts at UCL. The research focus for these research posts will be disability and technology. The principal aims will be to create cost-effective technologies to improve the independence of disabled people and improve their quality of life, with a specific focus on the effects of ageing with a spinal cord injury.

These Aspire Lecturers/Senior Lecturers will be able to work across all relevant faculties within UCL and strive to transfer quality academic research into the real world. The lecturers will be based in Stanmore at the Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science, UCL, in the grounds of the RNOH and the site of the Aspire National Training Centre. This initial ten year partnership will invest £3.6m in the advancement of the very best academic research for the benefit of the spinal cord injured population and other disabled people.

Further information about the Aspire Senior Lecturer vacancies.

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