PFI ASPECT evaluations

A group of just fewer than 20 have recently completed the ASPECT Evaluation of both bidders’ proposals for Phase 1 of the new RNOH Stanmore hospital. The group consisted of representatives from each of the Clinical User Groups, the Patient Experience Committee and our Design and Clinical Champions (Tony Watson and Fred Middleton).

ASPECT, or A Staff and Patient Environment Calibration Toolkit, is a method set up by the Department of Health for scoring buildings on a series of points, the aim of which is to address the way the healthcare environment can impact the levels of satisfaction and health outcomes of patients and performance of staff.

The ASPECT toolkit covers: privacy, company and dignity’ views, nature and outdoors, comfort and control, legibility of place, interior appearance, facilities and staff.

Both bidders presented their plans for the new hospital, from overall building layout right down to room specifics, which helped in the evaluation process as the ASPECT questions cover from the hospital layout being easily navigable, to calming and interesting views from windows.

This was one of many evaluations that are taking place in the run up to bidders submitting their draft bids on 26/10/12, a stage which is crucial in the process to choose a preferred bidder in Spring 2013.

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