Patients will experience the royal treatment

London Outpatient Assessment Centre

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital opened its new, state-of-the-art central London Outpatient Assessment Centre on 14 December 2009.

The £5 million centre, located at 45 Bolsover Street, W1, stretches over three floors and will offer modern healthcare facilities, including imaging (X-ray and ultrasound), orthotics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, pre-operative assessment and plaster.

The Outpatient Assessment Centre has been built adjacent to the old building, which has now closed, and will incorporate key changes to improve the patient's experience.

These include:

  • Colour - coded floors to help patients find their way around the building.
  • The latest equipment, which is faster and safer.
  • Custom built consulting/imaging/therapy facilities.
  • An increase in staff members.
  • Extending the opening hours to create more capacity.
  • Improving the privacy offered to patients by separating waiting areas.
  • Improving the experience for children by creating a play area with lots of space; a play specialist will be present on specific paediatric days.
  • Patient pagers, which will enable patients to enjoy refreshments or use the facilities while they wait for an appointment.
  • A television in each waiting area.
  • Wireless capability (in 2010).
  • A comfortable cafĂ© area on the ground floor.

Chief Executive Rob Hurd believes it is a fantastic facility for patients and represents the clinical excellence undertaken at the RNOH.

He said: "It is our absolute priority to provide outstanding patient care and this centre will have a huge impact on the patient's experience.

"We will continue to work towards redeveloping our other facilities so they it meets the standards of our new outpatient facility."

Patients will also have the freedom to move through the building and enjoy the numerous pieces of artwork from the history of the RNOH, an architectural montage to the story behind building the new facility.

To further enhance the ambience of the streetscape, the facility boasts public artwork in the form of two-storey glass fins on the south and west wing of the building. The glass fins display MRI scans that have been transposed to create shadowy and transparent 'hands' that meet at the corner of the building.

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