Patient Involvement at the RNOH

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the day to day running of the RNOH.

Patient and Public Involvement Group
Here at the RNOH, we are seeking to achieve a broad representation of all users in the organisation of services provided by the Trust.

A Patient and Public Involvement Group has been established for a number of years, to ensure that the views of all users are taken into consideration. For more information please read about the Patient and Public Involvement Group.

RNOH Patient Representative
Do you have views about:

  • The information we give to patients
  • The facilities or environment of the hospital
  • Access for disabled people or those whose first language isn't English

The Trust also works closely with it's Patient and Public Involvement Forum. The work of the forum is part of the Government's overall strategy to improve patients' experiences of the health service as defined in the legislation in the NHS Reform and Healthcare Professions Act (2002). If you have any concerns or issues that you would like to raise with a PPI Forum or if you are interested in attending one of their meetings in public, please contact:

Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health
Tel: 0845 120 7111

RNOH Patients' Group
The Trust supports this group to monitor the patient's journey. The group is made up of former members of the RNOH Patient and Public Forum, which was commissioned by government to provide an independent view of patient care. This was disbanded in April 2008, when a new body called LINks was set up, which combined scrutiny of local health and social care in the community.

As the Trust serves patients from all over the country, it was decided to maintain this forum as the RNOH patients' group; with a member as a LINk representative. It has the full support of the hospital.

The group provides an overview - from a patient, carer, and general public perspective - of aspects of the Trust's services, and the information it provides. The group produces reports for the Trust Board on observations from their visits to the wards, and makes recommendations, if necessary, for improvements to patient care. The Trust Board then provides feedback on recommendations made by the group.

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