Healthcare Commission Annual Health Check

The annual health check is the system for assessing and rating the performance of NHS healthcare organisations in England. It is designed to give the public a more accurate picture of local NHS healthcare organisations, whilst reducing overlap and duplication in the regulation of healthcare providers, as inspections, audits and reviews are focused where they are most valuable.

The annual health check has replaced the old 'Star Ratings' assessment system and looks at a much broader range of issues than the targets used previously, and seeks to make much better use of the data, judgements and expertise of others to focus on measuring what matters to people who use and provide healthcare services.

The overall aim of the new assessment of performance, and the information gained through the process, is to promote improvements in healthcare. It will also help people to make better informed decisions about their care, promote the sharing of information and give clearer expectations on standards of performance.

You can view the RNOH Self Declaration here.

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