CQC publish first Intelligent Monitoring Report on RNOH

Care Quality Commission

We are pleased to announce that a recent report published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) shows that the RNOH is performing very well across a range of indicators that it is using to judge the risk profile of the quality of patient care within hospitals.

The CQC has published the first monthly Intelligent Monitoring Report for the RNOH. Intelligent monitoring is based on 150 indicators that look at a range of information including patient experience, staff experience and statistical measures of performance.

The CQC have taken the results of the intelligent monitoring work and grouped the 161 acute NHS trusts into six bands based on the risk that people may not be receiving safe, effective, high quality care - with band 1 being the highest risk (worst) and band 6 the lowest (best).

RNOH is band 5. The reason RNOH is not in the lowest risk banding is mainly due to a single identified ‘Elevated Risk’, namely the PROMS (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) score around knee replacements. This is because, as a tertiary referral centre (80% of referrals are tertiary or equivalent), the RNOH receives many patients with highly complex conditions for whom our performing these procedures may be a last resort. For these patients, we provide a unique, tailored treatment pathway which maximises the potential for their recovery. Although the PROMS results do adjust some aspects of case mix complexity the scale of second, third or fourth stage revision surgery that takes place at RNOH relative to first time knee replacements is not fully taken into account in the calculation. Adjusting for this complexity would significantly improve our score on this indicator relative to other hospitals. We are reviewing the case mix adjustment methodology used for PROMs and have already agreed some potential changes which will make the data more reflective of relevant case mix complexity in future. We will continue to make suggestions as to how this can be developed in future.

The CQC report is available here: Intelligent Monitoring Report for the RNOH.

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