Care Quality Commission ratings - improvements all round!

The Trust has scored 'fair' in both the 'Use of Resources' and 'Quality of Service' in the recent Care Quality Commission's ratings. We received top marks in the review of our 'Standard of Care', 'Keeping the Public Healthy' and 'Good Management' categories. Other areas that were rated highly were 'Waiting to be Seen' along with 'Dignity and Respect' for patients. This represents a major improvement on our double 'weak' rating last year.
Rob Hurd, Chief Executive, said, "Staff have been working harder than ever to achieve these improvements, which resulted in a £0.5m surplus for the Trust and more operations being undertaken than ever before. Alongside this, the Trust has managed to maintain the low infection rates that it is renowned for".

Aiming for 'good'

Our 'Quality of Care' rating was affected by failure to meet four core standards and our intention is to aim for 'good' in the next CQC ratings.

Redevelopment: The lack of a decision on redevelopment of the Stanmore site has meant that the Trust was unable to meet two required standards on estates. These standards cannot be met without a rebuild.

Consent: In relation to consent, we provided insufficient audit evidence to demonstrate compliance but this was rectified in October.

Child Protection: The Trust provided appropriate child protection training for over 120 staff in 08/09 (over 450 since April 2007), but lack of clarity meant that this was not reflected in our declaration and will be rectified next time. Our Director of Children's Services, said: "It was disappointing to note that we failed to meet this standard simply because of uncertainty about definitions. We are confident that we are currently providing a high standard of training to all relevant staff and that we will continue to do so".

The Trust has developed an action plan to ensure compliance in our next declaration to the Care Quality Commission.

Area for improvement Action Required Lead Directors Expected Outcome Trust Board Monitoring Committee
1. Compliance with consent policy Compliance audits & policy enforcement Joint Medical Directors Compliance in December 2009 declaration Clinical Governance Committee
2. Child Protection - evidence of corporate training records for staff at the appropriate level Documenting training policy and supporting records Director of Operations / Clinical Director Children's Services Compliance in December 2009 declaration Children's Services
3. Cancelled Operations Reduce below 1.5% to move from fail to under achieve or below 0.8% to achieve All Executive Directors / Clinical Directors Improvement to "underachieve" in 2008/09 Performance Committee
4. 18 week access Meet National Operating Standards All Executive Directors / Clinical Directors See 18 week Action Plan Performance Committee
5. Cancer Access Meet National Operating Standards Director of Operations Improvement to "achieve" Performance Committee
6. Children's Services - paediatric basis life support training Policy enforcement consultant basic life support training Director of Operations / Clinical Director Children's Services Compliance from December Children's Services
7. Children's Services - availability of paediatric nurse in outpatients Put paediatric OP support in place Director of Operations / Clinical Director Children's Services Strengthened but not yet fully compliant - see Children's Services Committee report to Trust Board Children's Services
8. Medicines Management Various - see medicines management action plan Director of Operations See medicines management action plan Performance Committee and Clinical Governance Committee

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