Buttercup Walk shines once again

Buttercup walk 2010

Hundreds of participants attended the annual Buttercup Walk on a scorching Sunday in June, to raise money for improving patient care.

Patients, their friends and family, staff and members of the public took part in various activities including the 1km walk, bouncy castle and land train.

Peter Calder, this year's Buttercup Walk Chairman opened the event by introducing the jazz band from the Royal Academy School of Music, The Lydia Orange Quintet, and thanking everyone for supporting the RNOH.

Rosie Stolarski, Head of Fundraising said this year's event featured new attractions such as the climbing tower and pony rides both of which proved to be a great hit.

Buttercup walk sunny dayButtercup walk 2010

"The walk began at noon with plenty of support cheering on those taking part before the finishers were awarded their certificates and given some much needed water and fruit," she said.

"It was so encouraging, albeit a moving sight, to see many past and present patients with varying conditions undertaking this walk - ages ranged from three to 81.

"Watching these walkers really emphasised the significance of the work undertaken by the RNOH and the importance of raising invaluable funds for the charity."

This year, the raffle raised more than £2,000 and there was lots of positive feedback.

She added: "We would like to thank everyone that volunteered their time and worked so hard to ensure that the day was such a success.

"A huge thank you to our top stall holders - Sheila Pillai's cake stall, which made £246 and Nina Ghodrati's accessories stall, which raised £170. Well done ladies! Most of all we would like to thank our walkers for participating; to date we are still receiving sponsorship money."

Feedback from those who attended this year's Buttercup Walk

"The Buttercup Walk means so much to my family as, without the RNOH, my five year old daughter wouldn't be doing any walking at all, having been treated throughout the whole of her first year for bilateral talipes - 'club feet'."
Maxine White

"After my bi-lateral double knee replacement I was upright and I could walk normally again - no more wheelchair and walking sticks. To share the walk with children with their customised wheelchairs, walking sticks and prostheses is a heart warming and humbling experience. To help raise funds for this worthy cause is the least I can do - they gave me my life back."
Jennifer Le Quesne

"I have being doing the Buttercup Walk for many years, both on foot and in my wheelchair. I go every year to show my support and give my thanks to Mr Nejad and his team for helping me to get where I am today - on my feet. Thanks again for all the continued support the hospital gives to me."
Adam Simpson, aged 13

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