29th Seddon Society meeting at the Wellcome Collection

29th Seddon Society meeting

The 29th Seddon Society meeting was held last week on Friday 14 June at the Wellcome Collection and it was a fantastic success. The theme this year was surgical technology.

The Seddon Society is for any orthopaedic trainee or trainer from the RNOH, past or present and the Society's founder, Professor George Bentley, was present and on excellent form holding both the research study designs - and presentation skills - of the trainees to account.

The trainees presented their research papers to compete for the WJ Little Medal. This was won by Liza Osagie, so many congratulations to her. Three trainees competed for the travelling fellowship and this was won by Senthil Muthian.

There were two keynotes talks: a clinical presentation from world-renowned shoulder surgeon Andrew Wallace on the lessons learnt from sports injuries. And another centred on healthcare engineering on the use of surgical robots from Professor Ferdinando Rodriguez of Imperial College London.

There were also clinical updates on patient-specific instrumentation in knee surgery from Professor John Skinner, the newly elected president of the British Orthopaedic Association; paediatric hip surgery from Aresh Hashemi-Nejad, RNOH medical director; and paediatric scoliosis, including Magec growth rods from Julian Leong, an orthopaedic spinal surgeon at the RNOH.

There was an update from trainees representatives, Shiraz Sabah, Yaser Ghani & Oliver Adebayo and also Training Program Director Professor Tim Briggs. As well as various clinical presentations, there was also an update about plans for the future growth of the RNOH from Trust chairman, Professor Tony Goldstone, and CEO, Rob Hurd.

Finally, there were live robot demonstrations from the surgical robot manufacturers Stryker and Smith & Nephew. The committee would like to thank the following companies for their support: Biocomposites, Biedermann Motech, Lima, Smith & Nephew, and Stryker.

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