Marcus and Idris Elba: Amazing Humans

Marcus training BBC3

Marcus Perrineau-Daley, a patient at the RNOH Spinal Cord Injury Centre, takes centre stage as part of Idris Elba's BBC3 Takeover. Marcus, who was paralysed from the waist down following a motorcycle accident two years ago, hasn't let his condition hold him back. His story is included as part of BBC Three’s Amazing Humans series, which included exclusive footage shot at the RNOH by filmmaker Jan Letocha.

Idris Elba said: "One of my favourite stories is about Marcus, who is in a wheelchair and hasn’t let anything stop his dream to box - It’s such an inspirational story. He embodies a belief of mine, which is that life isn’t about making it big – it’s about making yourself big. Be as big as you can in whatever you’re doing. I’ve said this before, but you’ve just got to climb as if you’re never going to come back down. You just keep on going. That’s what Marcus does.

The message of the week, the idea driving it for me, was telling people to dare to dream – to think outside of your comfort zone, to look outside of your phone for a second and think about what you’re truly capable of."

Now a paraplegic boxer and weightlifter,  Marcus aims to get para-boxing in the Olympics by 2020, all while training others with disabilities. He was also the frontman to our recent successful crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to expand our Spinal Cord Injury Centre.

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