Improvements in digital services to manage health & wellbeing

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A new local digital roadmap has been developed by 22 partner organisations and the North East London Commissioning Support Unit across NCL (North Central London).

Made up of clinical commissioning groups, local authorities and NHS providers, the plan agrees how we can implement digital services to manage the health and wellbeing of the NCL population and move from paper-based to digitally enabled care processes within our health and care organisations.

Five digital themes underpin the vision and ambition:

  1. Digitally activated population: We will provide our citizens with access to their personal health and care information and equip them with tools which enable them to actively manage their own health and wellbeing
  2. Connected care: We will create and share care records and plans that can be shared across health and care systems seamlessly to enable integrated care delivery across organisations
  3. Insights driven health system: We will identify patients at risk of illness, monitor the effectiveness of interventions on patients with established disease and deliver whole systems intelligence so the needs of our entire population can be predicted and met
  4. Digitally enabled workforce: We will enable our care professionals to work and communicate effectively, anywhere at any time
  5. Sustainable Care: We will improve efficiency and reduce costs by working together to deliver digital services where this benefits our population

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