Maya gives gold standard patient care at RNOH

Maya Benny Staff Nurse receives gold badge from Prof Paul Fish

Maya Benny, a staff nurse on RNOH's Short Stay Unit, has been the first to receive a gold 'I delivered great care' badge at the RNOH. That means she has received a total of 125 badges from patients since the scheme first launched at the hospital in February 2016. Maya was also the recipient of the first bronze award badge this year.

Paul Fish, Director of Nursing who presented Maya with the badge said: " Maya has clearly made a massive impact on the patients which she has cared for on the short stay unit. To have received personal recognition from more than 125 patients is a great achievement and something which not only she is proud of, but something which we can all celebrate. Well done and thank you Maya."

The badges are part of the RNOH patient Welcome Pack and are awarded by patients to members of staff who they feel have delivered great care to them during their stay.

To receive a bronze badge, staff must receive five ‘I Delivered Great Care’ badges from patients. Five bronze badges results in silver, and five silver badges gains a gold award.

The patient packs were made possible by the generosity of the RNOH Charity.

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