RNOH's diversity and equality celebration

diversity and equality celebration

The RNOH celebrated its first diversity and equality festival last week with food, music, dance and dress from the broad cultural range of staff at the Trust. The event, organised by the RNOH Equality Diversity Network, was opened by Chief Executive Rob Hurd and saw a series of short talks from RNOH Chaplin Wendy Brooker and Deputy Trust Chair Joe Carlebach, as well as representatives from the local Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Met Police LGBT Association and Joe Gilbert from Aspire.

Allan Seraj, RNOH Equality Diversity Network member who helped to organise the event said, "At the heart of equality and diversity is the spirit of developing communities. When people come together in a spirit of sharing and brotherhood regardless of their differences they create a positive vibe. Today, this positive vibe and spirit of community was felt by all who attended the diversity festival. This is our starting point as we at RNOH celebrate differences."

Staff prepared and brought in lots of homemade food from as varied home nations as Ghana, Jamaica, India, Poland, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique and Australia. Music was supplied by the Don Kipper Klezmer band, the Sabbey International Drummers and two of our very own therapists, Sat Ethiraj and Carl Wimhurst performed a Tamil song with support from their Therapies colleagues. And to top it all off, there was a full-on Bollywood dance masterclass from Karan’s Bollywood dancers.

Lydia Creppy, RNOH Equality Diversity Network member said, "I was unsure of how the day would turn out as it was going to be the first such event at the RNOH. We had put a lot of effort into organising it but it was all worthwhile - the foods were delicious, the musicians were fantastic and most importantly staff turned up in their numbers to support the occasion. I am proud to be a member of the Equality Diversity Network and the RNOH for embracing our cause."

Audrey Garvey, PA attended the event and said, "What a great idea and wonderful day. Seeing our colleagues dressed in their national costumes, delicious food and fabulous entertainment. Thank you so much to everyone who took part and helped organise it. I had a blast".

Thank you to all our RNOH Equality Diversity Network members for organising the event, to all the performers for giving their time so generously and to everyone who contributed and attended - you made it a celebration to remember!

RNOH's diversity and equality celebrationRNOH's diversity and equality celebration (click image for slideshow).

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