RNOH Charity to go independent and recruit more trustees

The RNOH Charity

The RNOH Charity is set to begin a new life as an independent organisation by the end of this year and to appoint more trustees, giving it greater freedom to support the new £40 million NHS hospital to be built on our Stanmore site.

Brian Carlin, the Charity’s Chairman, said: “We will, of course, continue to be the hospital’s charity but independence from the controls and compliance with the Health Service Act will give the Charity greater freedom to operate as any other charity operating in the UK. It will also give trustees of the RNOH Charity the opportunity to adopt new and innovative ways to attract donors and raise funds.”

The Charity is seeking to recruit additional trustees to its board to broaden its skills and expand fundraising resources at a time when work is about to start on a long-term development plan to replace the hospital’s old and inefficient buildings. The first phase of the new hospital is scheduled to be operational by 2018.

Mr Carlin added: “This change will be particularly significant for new trustees because they will immediately become actively involved in helping to develop the future development strategy of the new independent charity.

“They will also be joining an experienced board of trustees and a professional fundraising department. We have been working together for several years building the RNOH Charity’s resources and reputation for funding some of the most important internationally recognised areas in neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, rehabilitation, peripheral nerve injury repair, sarcoma detection, surgical treatments and much more.”

Rob Hurd, the Trust Chief Executive said: “The RNOH Charity plays a highly valued role in the life of the hospital. Over the years it has supported many projects that have significantly improved the experience of both patients and staff. The future of the RNOH is exciting with demand for our services increasing year on year. The Charity will be a vital part of our continued success and the role of the Charity Trustees will offer an amazing opportunity to influence the direction of the UK’s leading orthopaedic centre.”

For further information, please conact Marina Martin, Head of RNOH Charity Operations

Tel: 020 8909 5823

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