Award winning catering at RNOH hospital restaurant

ISS Catering Manager, Jonathan Evetts receives award

The RNOH Catering team at Broccles Restaurant have received the Soil Association Food for Life Catering Mark Bronze award! This award recognises the team’s commitment to improving the food they serve; using fresh ingredients which are free from undesirable additives and trans fats, are better for animal welfare, and use more local ingredients.

Providing nearly 1,000 hot meals a week to hospital visitors and staff, Broccles Restaurant is part of an exciting nationwide initiative by catering providers ISS Facilities Services Healthcare to improve food at hospital restaurants and cafes.

The initiative involves changing menus, working with suppliers, sourcing fresh produce, preparing meals on site and training staff. For the team at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, the initiative grew out of a longstanding commitment to improve food in retail outlets and promote the benefits of healthy eating to all customers.

Rich Watts from Soil Association Certification said: “The Catering Mark is the result of lots of dedicated effort by the team at ISS Healthcare and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. Achieving this endorsement is an exceptional achievement in the healthcare sector and a demonstration of the hospital’s dedication to serving fresh, ethical, sustainable food that meets nutritional guidelines. Healthy places must be serving food that is good for the environment and good for us.”

Anyone visiting the hospital restaurant will now be assured of being served sustainable food, produced on-site with fresh ingredients. Local people now know that all the meat achieves UK animal welfare standards, dishes contain only free-range eggs, no undesirable additives or trans-fats; and visitors can easily be told where their food comes from, with much of it being sourced locally from the region using NHS accredited suppliers.

In addition, the hospital has greatly increased the number of meals being cooked from scratch, introducing new recipes as part of the award, with daily healthy options provided through their restaurant menus, mainly around the seasonal specials that are served on a daily basis.

The changes at the hospital have been led by ISS Catering Manager Jonathan Evetts, who said: “I am thrilled with the award. It is a fantastic step forward and is just the tip of the ice berg of greater things to come this year. This has been achieved through tireless hard work by the entire Catering team in ensuring that we procure the right products as part of our seasonal menu offerings and I cannot thank anyone enough for the support they have provided. Not only does this benefit the customers that use our restaurant on a daily basis, but is supports Animal Welfare and Local British Farmers. This a great achievement for ISS, as well as for the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Trust.”

Catering team at Broccles Restaurant

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