RNOH Patient Guide: a new standard in patient experience

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The RNOH has launched a new website that will transform the way patients learn about their visit and treatment in hospital. We have created the RNOH Patient Guide as part of our Innovation Programme to significantly improve patients' experience of their care.

We have worked with patients, medical teams and award winning film director Jan Letocha to produce an online portal that uses the latest web design, filming techniques and technology to deliver information across a range of orthopaedic problems from spines, hips, and knees to ankles and feet.

Continuing its national role as a centre of innovation, the RNOH Patient Guide is setting a new standard in delivering crucial patient information, such as “What is an MRI scan?” to “What will happen in my visit to hospital?”, giving reassurance and guidance when it is most needed.

Using cutting edge filming techniques such as 360 degree gimbals and 4k resolution GoPro cameras usually used for extreme sports, the Patient Guide encompasses the style and feel usually associated with the world of high quality advertising, the area that film director Jan Letocha usually works in.

Alongside the professional videos, the Patient Guide also features animated graphics showing the key stages in the patient pathway, patient testimonials, videos explaining the various diagnostic services at RNOH, including X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and fluoroscopy, as well as information on therapies and rehabilitation and ‘how to get here’ films covering all aspects of public transport access to our two sites in Stanmore and central London.

RNOH Chief Executive, Rob Hurd, said: “The RNOH has been setting the national standard in orthopaedic medicine for many years and now, with the RNOH Patient Guide, we are raising the bar in how patients receive their information. This Guide makes it easier for patients to find out what they need to know. The RNOH believes in getting it right first time and putting patients first. The Patient Guide delivers that, ensuring we continue to provide quality services to patients.”

Film director Jan Letocha said: “This was a collaborative project between the hospital staff and patients. That’s what made it a successful, innovative and interesting project to work on. The involvement of the medical teams along with real patients means the RNOH Patient Guide covers all the essential information you need to know before coming into hospital. Video and online content is increasingly the way we receive information and this Patient Guide points the way to the future.”

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