A world first: patient's eye view of their hospital stay

David Shaw

Until now GoPro™ cameras have been used to film extreme sports like skydiving and mountain biking, but for the first time, an NHS hospital has used to them to share a patient’s experience of their hospital stay and their surgery from the patient's point of view.

David Shaw, 62 from Norwich, wore a GoPro camera throughout his hospital visit to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) where he underwent a computer navigated ankle replacement procedure as part of the ground-breaking TARVA study, which is a national study comparing ankle replacement with ankle fusion. His surgeon also wore the GoPro camera during the surgery, capturing every moment.

David said: "I was delighted to qualify to participate in the TARVA trial, which resulted in my getting a replacement ankle in July 2015. The whole experience was heightened by wearing a Go-Pro camera throughout my stay in the RNOH, which has enabled us to produce a video diary hopefully capturing the whole experience from my - the patient's - viewpoint. My care, from everyone I interacted with, was second to none. Three months on from the surgery, and although I have much further to go on my rehabilitation, I can say without reservation that I would recommend surgery for anyone with end-state osteo-arthritis - the improvement in my own quality of life as a result has already been immeasurable."

“Good experiences of a patient’s care should be celebrated and shared” said Mr Goldberg, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, from the RNOH “This is aligned with the Government’s objectives set out in the White Paper ‘Our shared understanding and ambition’ and shows an NHS organisation leading the world in demonstrating excellence”.

The video of David Shaw's patient experience can be viewed at youtu.be/K80DmM-s4HI

David entire journey can be viewed on his blog - my-anklesurgerystory.blogspot.co.uk

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