Orlando Bloom lends his voice to RNOH Charity animation

Orlando Bloom

The RNOH Charity has launched its Make it Possible animated film, with a voiceover from actor and former RNOH patient Orlando Bloom.

Bloom said: “I’m honoured to be the voice behind the RNOH Charity’s animated film. In my early twenties I had a terrifying back injury that was set to leave me permanently paralyzed. Thanks to the expertise and dedication of my surgeon and of everyone at the RNOH who looked after me, I made a miraculous recovery: thirteen days after my accident I was able to walk on crutches and was discharged from inpatient care. The specialist treatment and rehabilitation I received leaves no doubt in my mind as to the uniqueness of this hospital.”

He added, “Whether or not you’ve heard of the RNOH, I cannot encourage you more strongly to support the Make it Possible campaign. Your help will enable the hospital to continue developing its pioneering, life-changing health care.”

The Charity teamed up with the Conran Design Group to create a campaign that encourages more people to raise money for the much-needed redevelopment of the hospital’s main site, to replace the current antiquated and decaying buildings. The campaign film will be complemented by a bus and London Underground poster campaign.

Rosie Stolarski, the RNOH Charity’s Director of Fundraising and Development, said “The RNOH is a world leader in the treatment and prevention of debilitating musculoskeletal conditions. With a major investment in our facilities, and the recruitment of more world-class clinicians and researchers – which we hope the Make it Possible campaign will facilitate – we are confident of making breakthroughs that will transform the lives of our patients and others across the globe”.

Watch the new Make it Possible animation video

make it possible animation

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