Watch Norman's RNOH story: 90 years in the making

Norman Sharp collage web

Watch the first part of the amazing story of Norman Sharp and how the RNOH changed his life. Starting in 1930 when he was five years old, Norman Sharp spent many months at the RNOH in Stanmore, regaining the ability to walk through groundbreaking surgical techniques carried out for the first time. He later returned to the RNOH in 1948 as one of the first patients under the then newly created NHS. Norman's full story can be read in the latest issue of Articulate, starting on page 9.

Norman will be at the RNOH Buttercup Walk on Sunday 28 June. Meet him and hear about his incredible journey and why he is a world record breaker.

Norman says: "Look forward to tomorrow, it doesn’t matter how much pain you have. I was brought up in Stanmore, I lived there. It was my home. My friends were all at Stanmore. I have never been disabled. I just couldn’t walk, I waddled along. If I wanted to do something I’d have a go and I’d like to encourage anybody else to have a go too. And if they fail, be proud that you tried, you had a go. Don’t think you’ve lost or didn’t make it, be happy and thankful that you could try it. Yes, be proud that you tried and never look back. God bless you all and have a lovely enjoyable life and make the most of it.”

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