RNOH features on BBC One Show

Mr Noordeen, Consultant Spinal Surgeon

​Once again, the RNOH features on the BBC One Show on Wednesday 13 May. They followed the journey of a young patient, Jessica, as she came in for treatment for scoliosis with Mr Noordeen, Consultant Spinal Surgeon.

Jessica and her family kindly allowed the cameras to follow her meeting with Mr Noordeen to discuss her treatment before going into theatre.

Tune into BBC1 at 19:00 on Wednesday 13th May to see how she got on. We'll also hear from Mr Noordeen about the surgery and the remarkable advances in treatment for scoliosis at the RNOH.

The One Show: A look at the ground breaking surgery.

Mr Noordeen said: "I have the privilege of looking after complex spinal surgery patients in one of the leading orthopaedic centres in the world. My specialisms are paediatric spinal conditions, complex degenerative adult deformity, and degenerative neck and back problems. My team and I deal with referrals from different centres in the UK, Europe and worldwide. We have also produced a good deal of ground-breaking research work relating to spinal surgery, which has led to significant improvements in the management and treatment of many spinal conditions."

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