Join Orson at this year’s Buttercup Walk

Orson, Buttercup Walk volunteer

Orson was just 6-years-old when he went through a yearlong procedure to correct a curved tibia and fibula and lengthen his leg by 2.5 inches. It involved breaking his leg and wearing a Taylor Spatial Frame for 9 months, a cast for 2 months and lots of physio.

It was a tough time for all the family, but with lots of patience, smiling and the help of some fabulous friends and family - not to mention Orson being amazing from start to finish - the family got through it. Orson now wants to say thank you to the staff for all their hard work and help raise funds for the RNOH, so will be taking part in the 1 mile Buttercup Walk on Sunday June 28th.

Orson, we think you are amazing and wish you all the best for the walk. Support Orson!

The Buttercup Walk takes place on 28th June this year and you can enter by visiting the RNOH Charity.

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