RNOH surgical trainee wins prestigious award

An RNOH surgical trainee has been awarded the highest accolade at one of the UK’s largest orthopaedic specialty meetings.

Mr Zaidi, who is also studying at UCL’s Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science, based at the RNOH, was awarded the Chang Chen Prize for the Best Podium Presentation for his Meta-analysis of the Outcomes of Ankle Replacement Surgery at the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society Congress.

The award commends his work, which is the world’s most comprehensive review to date analysing the outcomes of more than 7,000 prostheses.

Mr ZaidiThe event, which was held at the Celtic Manor, Wales, saw Mr Zaidi receive £3,000 as a prize for his accomplishments, which will benefit his work on his thesis exploring the outcomes of ankle replacement technology.

Professor David Isenberg, a senior Board member of the RNOH and Consultant Rheumatologist at UCH, said this is a great accolade for Mr Zaidi.

“Mr Zaidi has worked very hard for his research and this award really demonstrates his fantastic achievements to date and I wish him the very best with his thesis,” he said.

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