RNOH cancer services show marked improvement

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust (RNOH) has scored well among cancer patients with most rating its care as “excellent” or “very good”.

Sixty two patients completed a national survey designed to monitor progress on cancer care, of which 92% rated their care as excellent/very good, versus a national figure of 85%.

Some 67% of the questions asked received better scores than the survey in 2010 and 60% of questions asked received better scores than the national average. 

Other areas in which the Trust scored highly was patients feeling they are given the right amount of information (84%) and they do not feel that they are treated as a “set of cancer symptoms” (80%), a marked improvement on the 58% in the 2011 survey.

Julie Woodford, Macmillan nurse consultant and lead cancer nurse, said the survey results were extremely positive, particularly as the patient feedback is improving year on year.

“We have worked hard, since we obtained feedback from the first patient survey in 2010, to improve our cancer services by addressing the areas of concern that have been highlighted,” she said.

“We will continue to try to improve the services we provide as it is our priority to ensure that patients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect during what is a very difficult period in their lives.

“It is fantastic that areas in which we scored close to the highest performing Trust include patients having confidence and trust in all doctors treating them, hospital staff did everything to help control pain all of the time, they felt they were told sensitively that they had cancer and the clinical nurse specialist definitely listened carefully.

“There are, of course, areas for improvement and we will continue to address them so that we can ensure the RNOH provides the best possible service to our cancer patients.”

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