Patient Experience Committee reports on PFI bidder proposals

Peter Bolton, Chair of the Patient Experience Committee, describes attending evaluation days for the PFI Project:

The Patient Group was most pleased to be invited to take part in the evaluation of the two bids for the ‘Concept Stage’ for Phase 1 of the PFI Project, in collaboration with RNOH members of staff and other user groups of the hospital. From our group, three members were invited to participate in the two events.

The brief principally required the provision of Children and Young Persons Wards, Adult Acute Wards, Spinal Cord Injury Centre, together with the entrance, Physiotherapy Department, restaurant, accessible gardens, service and staff areas, lifts and security measures.

The two evaluations were held separately over two consecutive mornings. Both bids presented an approach to the layout, design and construction of the project, including the extent and facilities to be provided and serviced. The RNOH site area and environmental brief constraints set the overall configurations of the wards.

The evaluators had to score the scheme in terms of quality characteristics and sub-characteristics that needed to be defined prior to the development of the project. All the evaluators were able to ask questions, raise queries and make comments about both schemes before being asked to score them.

Stephanie Williamson (Deputy PFI Project Director) introduced the bidders and gave us advice on the essential requirements and extent of the brief and wrapped up the event all most efficiently. We would like to thank the RNOH for giving us the opportunity to take part in this stage of the evaluation of the proposals for this important project and we look forward to hearing about the outcome of the evaluations in due course.

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