A new technique to diagnose bone disease

A study is being conducted to demonstrate that human bone quality can be assessed non-invasively using a spectroscopic technique, known as Raman spectroscopy.

This will allow diagnosis of conditions in which bone has an abnormal molecular composition.

Spectroscopy is a type of chemical analysis done by shining light on a sample to determine what is inside. The primary objective of this study is to develop an efficient, clinically relevant Raman spectroscopy device that can be used effectively, non-invasively and above all safely on humans to allow diagnosis of various bone disorders.

We are looking to recruit individuals to take part in this study who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, osteogenesis imperfecta, osteoporosis or rickets/osteomalacia; we will also be looking for volunteers who are free from bone disease to form a control group.

Assessment is harmless and painless and involves shining a light at your skin to measure your bone below.

If you are interested in participating and want to find out more, please contact one of the researchers below and a detailed information leaflet will be provided.

  • Dr Jemma Kerns: 020 8909 5746/07517 101 977
  • Mr. Panagiotis Gikas: 07958 342 989

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