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Work experience at the RNOH

Thank you for your interest in work experience at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust. Our work experience application process is an initiative for school students making decisions about their university options and future medical/clinical/ NHS career. Please follow the process on the Work Experience process flow chart 2017 to apply for a place. We will only process a request for one week to allow us to accommodate as many students as possible and will take students from July – September 2017.

The documents that you need to complete are below, please complete these before you apply to a sponsor / first point of contact.

All departments offering work experience at the RNOH can be found in the Work Experience Directory 2017. Please only contact those departments listed in the directory.

Useful documents

Student's feedback

I have gained a valuable insight of a hospital environment through undertaking work experience at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital; a world renowned hospital. The knowledge I have obtained throughout this week has been extremely beneficial to me, especially in order to aid me when applying for my future career path as an aspiring medic.

Arub, July 2015

Shadowing was a great opportunity to learn about the details of every role, which are related to some of the duties issued to doctors. Furthermore, I was able to expand my knowledge on phlebotomy and pathology, among many other topics. I remain thankful to the trust, staff and Dr Qureshi for allowing me to participate in such an opportunity.

Basma, July 2015

The phlebotomist was a very friendly and kind person, not only to me but to patients and the hospital staff as well. I truly learnt a lot from her with regards to blood, but also about how to deal with frustrated and angry patients. I was very impressed by her kind approach and her strategies she used to distract patients while taking blood.

It was my absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to do work experience in such a renowned and prestigious hospital with very professional staff members. I have never learnt this much about the medical environment as I did this week in whatever perspective this may be and I am very thankful for everyone who has been part in this journey.

Bibi, August 2015

There is an alternative process for medical trainees and professionals who are enquiring about clinical attachments at the RNOH: please apply directly to the relevant medical department and contact for further information.

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