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Projects, Estates & Facilities Directorate

The Projects, Estates & Facilities Directorate is responsible for managing all aspects of the estate from strategic planning and the design of buildings to meet the modernisation of clinical services, through to ensuring the Trust's premises are well maintained and provide an environment that provides front line support to patient needs the management of all the RNOH's physical estate. The three functions of the directorate are illustrated in the diagram below.

Directorate of Projects, Estates and Facilities
Projects   Estates   Facilities

Developing proposals and managing schemes to completion for new builds and major refurbishments


Building services maintenance and repairs

Engineering services

Specialist engineering services -sterile services

Minor new works

  Domestic, portering, catering, linen security Waste Management Staff Accommodation Telephony

Our aim and purpose is to provide a co-ordinated approach to developing, maintaining and adapting the RNOH estate that allows the delivery of care to be undertaken in well designed, managed and maintained buildings which will meet patients' expectations for better-designed, comfortable, functional and welcoming healthcare environments.

Projects, Estates & Facilities Directorate contact details
Title Name Tel.No: Bleep
Director of Projects Estates & Facilities Mark Masters 020 8909 5577  
Capital Project Manager Robin Maisey 020 8909 5852 688
Engineering Manager Sean McAree 020 8909 5422  
Estates Health & Safety Officer Mukand Patel 020 8909 5484  
Estates Manager Glen Morgan 020 8909 5380  

Should you become aware of any situation potentially detrimental to the safety of persons on the premises, please notify one of the above persons.

Emergency Contact Details
Stanmore Internal Ext. No
Fire 5555
Violence/Major Incident 3333
Crash Call 2222

If you are calling from outside the Trust's premises the number for the Trust is
020 3947 0100 where an operator will connect you directly to the relevant extension.

To bleep internal dial '81' then follow the instructions.

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Projects, Estates & Facilities