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Nurse educationNurse education @ RNOH

The RNOH is proud of our nursing workforce and as a Trust, we are committed to their continued professional development. Our team of Clinical Nurse Educators, mentors and clinical nurse specialists provide a wide range of learning opportunities for nursing staff and students. Our multidisciplinary colleagues' expertise builds on the learning experience available in the clinical setting.

Preceptorship programme

Newly qualified staff are supported into clinical practice through our 12 month preceptorship programme led by Jane Macdonald. Jane uses participatory learning: forums for preceptees and preceptors, action learning sets and group work to enable staff with the transition from student to staff nurse. Jane and the clinical nurse educators also provide 1:1 support to preceptees and preceptors.

Rotation @ RNOH

Our rotation programme will enable you to experience nursing in a variety of clinical settings and develop your clinical knowledge. The programme offers Preceptorship for newly qualified nurses, support from dedicated mentors, and a rotation facilitator. There will be the opportunity to access the orthopaedic and spinal module as part of the programme and the end of the rotation you are guaranteed a position as a staff nurse with the opportunity to apply for a Band 6 junior sister role at the RNOH.

Our rotation programme has three pathways supported by our dedicated facilitator.
We have two (2) Adult Rotation pathways:

1. The Adult Surgical pathway and
2. The Medicine & Therapies pathway both with an elective in our Recovery and ICU.
Our 3rd pathway is the Child & Young People's pathway with an agreed elective.

Rotation Programme contacts:

Adult pathway
Helen Landers-Flynn on 020 8909 5526. Email:
or Patricia Treacy 020 8909 5106. Email:
Pauline Robertson on 020 8909 5796. Email:

Child & Young People pathway
Clare Kehoe on 020 8909 5793. Email:

Or to discuss any aspect of the programme, you can contact:
Allan Seraj Lead Nurse for Education tel 020 8909 5601


Nursing staff at RNOH can also access CPD funding through a contracting arrangement with Health Education England and universities in their remit. This funding is managed by the Lead Nurse for Education with oversight from the Trust's Education Committee. All nursing staff within the Trust can access courses from these universities via the contract, following review and discussion at their annual appraisal. Support for nursing staff, seeking to pursue higher degrees, is available as required by the service.

Clinical placements

At RNOH, we work closely with our Higher Education partners to provide clinical placements for learners pursuing various interest in nursing, paramedic, physiotherapy and return to practice nursing. Clinical placements can be arranged with the Lead Nurse for Education.

Return to Nursing (ReTurN Programme)

The Trust welcomes enquires by individuals wishing to pursue the return to nursing programme.The ReTurN programme is facilitated by City University London. Sarah Storer leads the programme at the University and can be contacted on her mobile: 07951760141 or through her office: 01708743251. You can also e-mail her on : If you would like to consider a placement with us, you can  arrange this by contacting the Lead Nurse for Education.

Healthcare Support Workers (Band 2-4)

The Trust subscribes to the Talent for Care (TfC) initiative. Since September 2015, we have offered the Care Certificate Training for all HCSW. The Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care for Healthcare Support Workers is also available, coupled with Maths & English classes, which allow staff to earn a nationally recognised qualification. These courses are facilitated by Lynda St Cyr-HCSW Educator.


The RNOH has close links with the London South Bank University and you can undertake individual modules or build a pathway to obtain a degree, developing the skills, under underpinning knowledge and gaining the confidence that you are looking for in these specialist fields.

BSc (Hons) Professional Nursing Practice (Orthopaedic Nursing)

Module Lead: Colin Winter
Telephone: 020 7815 5482

BSc (Hons) Professional Nursing Practice (Spinal Cord Injury Nursing)
Year One

Core unit: 1st Year Spinal Cord Injury Nursing (Immediate Care), Integrated Care Module. 2nd Semester: Spinal Cord Injury Nursing (Beyond Acute Care), Pathophysiology/MaCBE (Mentroing).

Year Two
Optional units available plus
Core units: Research Methods, Long Term Conditions

Module Lead: Pauline Robertson
Telephone: 020 7815 5485

Or visit the London South Bank University website for more information

In-house training

We offer a range of in-house training for staff: medicine management, venepuncture & cannulation, Spinal Cord MDT induction training, pain management, traction training, Maths & English towards obtaining a national qualification, Update to Revalidate, mentor updates, sign off mentor training, appraisal training and many more. Information on any in-house study day can be obtained from the clinical nurse educators.

Clinical Nurse Educators @ RNOH

If you are looking for a clinical placement with us, or you have an interest in orthopaedic and spinal cord injury care and management, or you would like to find out more about nursing education at RNOH, we will be happy to hear from you. You can also visit our microsite:

Allan Seraj Lead Nurse for Education. Telephone: 020 8909 5601 or email:

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