Cauda Equina Lesions - The Complex Picture

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Does your work involve the management of this complex and seemingly increasing patient population?

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the assessment and management of patients with cauda equina lesions.

All members of the multi-disciplinary team will discuss the uniquely specific issues when managing this patient group.

We will review the classification systems from a musculo-skeletal and neurological spinal cord injury perspective and address the potential confusions in assessment terminology. Importantly, the course will discuss why these patients present with complex, and at times confusing, neurological symptoms, from both a pain management and physiological perspective.

Day one will focus on holistic assessment of symptoms and best practice in management.

Day two will be practically based, looking at treatment rationale for physiotherapists and occupational therapists working in rehabilitation and pain behaviour management.

The course is appropriate for multi-disciplinary clinicians managing these patients in the acute and rehabilitation settings. It will also be useful for medico-legal professionals whose work involves this client group, providing an insight into the complexity and potential outcomes.

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Date of Course: 
6-7 March 2020
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Day 1 & 2 - £250
Day 1 only - £150
Day 2 only - £100

Discount for NHS Therapists and Nurses:
Day 1 NHS Therapists and Nurses - £125
Day 2 NHS Therapists and Nurses - £75