The Stanmore Redevelopment Project

The building of a new inpatient facility is the first phase in the long-term plans for redeveloping the Stanmore site, where many of the buildings date back to before the Second World War.

  • The new hospital will provide 91 beds, 50% of which will be in single rooms, greatly enhancing patient privacy and helping reduce the transference of infection.
  • A main entrance with a children’s activity centre and coffee shop will give the hospital the community heart that it is currently lacking.
  • Better location of areas within the hospital will reduce travel times and make it easier for patients and visitors to find their way, as well as allowing staff to work more effectively.
  • Ease of access for all patients will be central to the design, but especially for those with reduced mobility or wheelchair users.

You can see some of the initial designs and plans for the new Phase 1 development  in this pdf presentation.

Why are we redeveloping the hospital?

Stanmore Redevelopment - Case for ChangeStanmore Redevelopment - Case for Change

The RNOH wants to bring its ageing buildings into the 21st century, creating facilities that reflect the world-class clinical outcomes the trust is renowned for.

Most of the buildings on the Stanmore site date back to at least the 1940s, with some even older than that.

As the hospital has grown, there has been little coordination in the placing of new buildings, leaving it without an easily identifiable main entrance.

Distance between buildings means long periods of travel, which may include going outside or over steep or uneven gradients.

What will the new hospital look like?

The Trust will work closely with the sole bidder to develop their design proposals, ensuring that all aspects of the new hospital support the trust’s clinical excellence, putting the patient first and enabling staff to provide quality care.

When chosen, details of the final design will be available here, along with images in the Gallery.

How much will the new hospital cost?

The first phase new hospital will cost in the region of £40 million.

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Stanmore Redevelopment