Surgical Site Infections Surveillance

Surgical site surveillance is carried out on total hip replacements, total knee replacements, total shoulder replacements, total elbow replacements, amputations and spinal surgeries. All data is submitted to Public Health England. Our knee and hip replacements SSI’s are below average in comparison to other hospitals in London and England.

The Trust follows the Public Health England guidelines regarding SSI surveillance. The Surgical Site Surveillance officer follows all patients while they are an inpatient and after discharge patients are given a postal questionnaire at 30 days after their operation. Patients that are readmitted for an infection within 12 months of their original operation are captured upon readmission to RNOH. We have recommitted into improving its surgical site infections surveillance by improving its data collection methods from April 2013.

Surgical wound infection surveillance is carried out by a dedicated surveillance team to aid robust surveillance system and aim to reduce the incidence of SSI. Results  of the surveillance are fed back to clinicians and various committees as required .The surveillance team works closely with any identified department  with  high-risk/incidence of SSI to develop improvement plans, for quality assurance and to support their actions to improve patients experience.

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