Goal, Aims and Objectives

Our Values

Everything the Trust does is underpinned by four core values:

  • Patients First, always;
  • Excellence, in all we do;
  • Trust, Honesty & Respect, for each other;
  • Equality, for all. 

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Our Goal

To be a world-leading orthopaedic hospital with the best patient care and staff experience in the NHS

Our Aims and Objectives

Our goal is supported by five strategic aims, and our 2017-18 objectives drive achievement of these aims.

The five aims and linked objectives are:

1. Patient care

  1. Maintain clinical excellence and high-quality care for patients
  2. Provide more timely access to care
  3. Increasing capacity and productivity will enhance patient care, access to our services and support financial stability.

The key strands to this are reducing Length of Stay; Operating Theatre Utilisation and medical staff job planning to support effective use of our capacity throughout the year including

2. Staff experience

To recruit, develop and retain highly skilled and engaged staff who embrace and deliver the Trust’s aims and values. We will do this by:  

  1. Deciding what excellent looks like (Creating the Required Culture) – all our people will decide what good, values-led/based behaviour looks like at the RNOH
  2. Developing strong, values-led leaders (Creating the Necessary Capability) – setting  clear and high expectations and supporting  them to deliver these
  3. Communicating the Important Stuff (Creating Supporting Infrastructure) – Make sure people know what is expected and who will help them deliver that

3. Infrastructure

Buildings, equipment and digital systems

  1. Meet in-year milestones for enabling projects for new Stanmore site
  2. Develop Digital Strategy in support of the Trust’s aims and objectives

4. Financial stability

  1. Maintain financial control and achieve agreed activity levels
  2. Increase income from non-NHS sources in line with strategic aims
  3. Continue to develop relationships and partnerships to help achieve Trust vision

5. Research, innovation and education

  1. Further develop financially viable integrated clinical research activities and academic track record

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