The classes of information the RNOH is publishing

1. The NHS and how we fit
2. Who we are
3. Financial and Funding Information
4. Corporate Information
5. Aims, Targets and Achievements
6. Our Services
7. Clinical Governance
8. Reports and Independent Enquiries
9. Policies and Procedures
10. Public Involvement and Consultation
11. Regular publications and information for the Public
12. Complaints
13. Human Resources
14. Communications with the Press and Media Releases
15. Environmental Information
16. Education & Research
17. Useful Links

We will state how you can obtain the information outlined within each Class. This will be either via the website or as a hard copy or other media as stated within each Class. The publications are all free unless otherwise indicated within each Class [£]. [Where information is provided at a cost the charges will be calculated as set out in Class 15].

The Trust's commitment to publish information excludes any information which can legitimately be withheld under the exemptions set out in the NHS Openness Code or the Freedom of Information Act. Where individual classes are subject to exemptions, the main reasons are e.g. the protection of commercial interests and personal information under the Data Protection Act 1998. This applies to most Classes within the Publication Scheme.
The Publication Scheme will be available in both hard copy and on our web site.

A further guide to the classes of information:

1. Planning documents outlining how we fit into the NHS structure

Department of Health & Social Care
Royal Free Barnet.

2. Details of the Trust, organisational structures and key personnel

Introduction: Email
What we do:
RNOH Organisational Structure:
Key Personnel:
Caldicott Guardian: Mr Aresh Nejad 020 3947 0100
FOI Lead: Alan Ball - 020 8909 5824 or
Scheme of Delegation:
Establishment Orders:

3. Funding details, charging policies and financial accounts

Annual Accounts:
Financial resources / funding information:
Declaration of Interests:
Standing Financial Instructions:

4. Reports, policies, meetings of minutes and business plans

AGM Agenda:
Standing Orders:
Liaison with Local Authority Overview and Scrutiny:
Local Strategic Partnerships:
Joint Consultation and Negotiation (Joint Staff Management Constitution):

5. Financial targets, aims and objectives and key performance indicators

See also Class 9 - policies and procedures

RNOH Performance Balanced Score Card Information:

6. The range of services that we provide for the NHS and how we deliver

Consultants' special interests

Clinical Services
Joint Reconstruction
Medical, Rehabilitation and Therapy
Bone Tumour and Soft Tissue Cancer
Paediatric & adolescents
Peripheral nerve injury unit
Imaging Services
Private Patients
Inpatients and Outpatients

Non-clinical Services
Hotel Services

7. Professional standards and procedures to deliver quality and access of care

Clinical Governance Strategy:
Clinical Governance Annual Report:
Internal Meetings & Minutes:
Trust Board:
Trust Executive:
Medical Staff Committee:
Joint Staff Management Committee:
Clinical Governance Board:
Risk Management Group:

Reports & Independent Enquiries:

Redevelopment Information:

Confidential Inquiries:
Health & Social Care Act 2001:
Care Quality Commission.
Patient Confidentiality:
Professional Advice:
National service frameworks for cancer.

8. Independent inspections and findings regarding the Trust

See a list of bodies which monitor and inspect us.

Care Quality Commission:
Harrow Borough Council:
Health Service Ombudsman:
Health Professions Council:
Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

National Clinical Assessment Authority:
National Patient Safety Agency
NHS Litigation Authority: NHSLA
Nursing and Midwifery Council:
Environmental Health Offices:
General Medical Council:
Health & Safety Executive:

9. General policies and procedures in use within the Trust

These include but are not restricted to human resources, prescribing and prescription, health and safety.

For all the policies and procedures regarding the Nursing Executive, Health & Safety, Corporate Development, Health Informatics, Human Resources, Finance and Estates & Facilities, listed below, contact the

Nursing Executive:
Abbreviations, CPC Chair
Accompanying Patients to and from Theatre
Care of Dying Patients Relatives Support
Child Protection Policy and Procedures
Continuing Professional Development
Dealing with Adverse Drug Reactions
Dealing with Drug Alerts
Patient's use of Complimentary Therapies
Outpatient DNA Policy
Consent Policy
Consultants On Call
Complaints Procedure
MDA Reporting
Dental Damage Policy
Discharge Policy
Epidural Infusion Policy
Fasting Policy for General Anaesthesia
Risks in Medicines Management
Incident Reporting Policy
Major Incident Procedure
Medicines Policy
Mental Health Guidelines
Insertion of Fine Bore Nasogastric Tubes
Patients' Property
Tissue Necrosis Caused by Pulse Oximeter Probes
Policy for Handling of Controlled Drugs
Procedure for Clinical Trials for Medicines
Policy for Handling Clinical Negligence Schemes
Resuscitation Policy and Procedure
DNAR Policy and Guidelines
Standards of Record Keeping
Clinical Risk and Management Strategy
Sharps/Splashes Guidance
Care of Patients with Tracheostomy Tubes
Nursing Uniform Policy
Ward Stock Top Up Policy
Information Sharing Policy
Interim Waiting List Policy

Health & Safety:
Display Screen Equipment
Electricity At Work
Health And Safety
Departmental Health And Safety Arrangements
Incident Reporting
Safer Moving And Handling
Risk Assessment Policy And Procedures
Safe Water Temperature Policy
Waste Management
Work Equipment
Zero Tolerance Policy

Corporate Development:
Business Case Process
Intellectual Property Rights (DOH)
Media Relations Policy
Sponsorship & Fundraising Policy
Intellectual Property Policy

Health Informatics:
IM&T Security Policy
IT Procurement Policy
Use of RNOH-Provided E-mail Services
Locally Held Data
Use of the internal and internet e-mail system policy
Internet acceptable use policy

Human Resources:
Alcohol at Work
Annual Leave for Bank Staff
Annual Leave Reference Charts
Declaration of Interests Policy
Dignity at Work Policy (Prevention of Bullying & Harassment)
Disciplinary Procedure
Employment of People with Disabilities
Equal Opportunities
Equality & Diversity Policy
Flexible Working Policy
Intellectual Property Policy & Information for Staff
Nurse Bank & Agency Policy
Performance Management System
Prescribing for Members of Staff
Protection of Pay & Conditions of Service
Recruitment & Selection Guidance Notes
Removal & Related Expenses
Study Leave Policy (Interim)
Whistleblowing Policy

Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy
Budgetary control
Control account maintenance
Controlled stationary
Debtors system
Delegation of powers
Fund held on trust
Losses & special payments
Private patients
Standing financial instructions
Standing orders
Write Offs/ Bad Debts

Estates and Facilities:
Policy and procedure for the safe management and use of non-medical, pathology and industrial gases
Car parking
Policy for safe working with electricity
Procedural document for safe working with electricity
Policy for the provision and use of work equipment
Policy for the safe management of medical gas pipeline systems
Procedural document for safe management of medical gas pipeline systems
Helicopter policy
Policy for the safe management and use of ladders, trestles and portable scaffold towers
Procedural document for the safe management and use of ladders, trestles and portable scaffold towers
Procedural document for safe management of pressure systems and transportable gas containers
Policy for safe management of pressure systems and transportable gas containers
Policy for the management of refrigeration plant
Procedure for the management of refrigeration plant
Taxi ordering procedure
Work request policy
Waste Management Policy & Procedures

10. Consultations in progress and how you can become involved

User and Public Involvement Strategy:
User and Public Involvement Group:
Contact the Patient and Public Involvement Group: Asha Sookhoo, Customer Care Manager - 020 8909 5717

11. Guidance and information leaflets

Patient information guides.

12. Policies, procedures and contacts for complaints

Complaints Procedure:
Complaints Policy: FOI HOTLINE*
Complaints Manager: Asha Sookhoo, Customer Care Manager - 020 8909 5717

13. Employment policies and procedures

Codes of Conduct:
Sickness and Absence Policy:
Conduct Policy and Procedure:
Diversity and Equality:
Race Relations:
Grievance Policy:
Bullying and Harassment Policy:
Prevention of Violence at Work Policy:
NHS Pensions Agency: 020 3447 9547
Payroll Scales:
Payroll Office: 020 3447 9551 / 9555
Trade Union Recognition Policy:
Training and Development:
Appraisal and Personal Development:

14. Our releases to the Press and to the Media

Communications Department: 020 8909 5349
Media Policy:
VIP Admission Policy:
Press Releases:
FOI Publication Scheme Feedback:

15. Our estate and land holdings, and the uses they currently enjoy

Information required to be placed in the public domain as a result of the Environmental Information Regulations, any Environmental Enforcement action and associated information.

Estate Overview:
Environmental Holdings & Use:
Environmental Enforcement Actions:

16. Multidisciplinary education and research provided at the RNOH

Post Graduate Medical Education.
Research & development

17. Useful Links

University College London:
South Bank University:
British Orthopaedic Association:

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